The AN Archive Constitution

Our Primary Mission

To promote the sharing of patient knowledge and experience to enable newly diagnosed AN patients world-wide to make their own informed decisions before accepting medical treatment.

Our Secondary Mission

To encourage the medical profession to:

  1. Inform new AN patients concerning all the treatment options available to them, and refer patients to experienced providers of each option.
  2. Adopt the principle of full disclosure of their own experience and results, both within the profession and to patients.

Our Methods

  1. To use the Internet and the World Wide Web to bring the maximum amount of knowledge to the maximum number of people.
  2. To listen to all patients and explore their opinions and experiences for the common good.
  3. To make the data we gather available to those who may wish to use it.
  4. In particular, recognising that many excellent resources already exist for surgical treatment of AN, to ensure that the non-surgical options are highlighted on our web site.
  5. To maintain a balance, provide links to all worthwhile AN related sites we may encounter.

The AN Archive Board

An AN Archive will be administered with the help of an Advisory Board.

The Archive Advisory Board will include members representing the following groups within the AN treatment community:

Changes to the Constitution of the AN Archive or to the membership of the Archive Board shall only be made when approved by at least two-thirds of the Board.

Prepared by Chris Ottewell, Dec. 1998
Submitted by Dina Goldin, Jan. 1999
Revised by Dick Barker, Feb. 1999

Last Edited: Wednesday, October 30, 2002