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This directory is for AN Archive visitors, where you can read about those who have traveled the AN path before you -- to know you are not alone, to see that others have been through it before, and to benefit from their experience. Underlined names are linked to the patient's story, as an additional resource.

Feel free to contact anyone listed here if their AN experience is relevant to you. Countries currently represented: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Japan, South Africa, USA. We know that finding out about your AN treatment options is a struggle - we want to help!

If you are a newly diagnosed patient looking for an on-line support group rather than individual stories, we recommend  the AN patient mailing list:

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Wait-and-watchers: an exercise in patience

Radiosurgery Patients: taking the alternate route

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Gamma Knife patients

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Cyberknife patients

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Patients who had both radiosurgery and surgery

Surgical patients

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The Acoustic Neuroma Archive does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained herein; all facts included must be confirmed by contacting the patients.  Any use of this directory except as intended is prohibited.