Doctors, rue the day
Marjie's Story

I guess that you would consider me one of the gamma knife success stories. I had my procedure in Jan. '95 At Presbyterian Hosp., Pittsburgh. I have had no side effects whatsoever. My hearing was at 92% discrimination at the time of my last exam, 1 yr. ago. My MRIs show that the tumor which was 2cm has necrosed (lost the blood supply) and is shrinking. I'm a happy camper.

Three years ago everyone believed that surgery was the only way to go and that radiosurgery was very risky at best. Times have really changed. It seem that there are a lot of horror stories on this server list. Unfortunately, most of the bad ones are from people who have had surgery. I still believe that surgery is the absolute last resort, but that's my opinion. The doctors in Columbus Ohio who told me that I had to have surgery and that I had no options, rue the day. Not only did I challenge their opinions, but I went on channel 6 News in a 2 day mini series discussing Gamma Knife and the importance of patient empowerment.

Marjie Coopersmith
Mar. 19, 1998

Last Edited: Wednesday, October 30, 2002