Blessed with a Great Surgical Team
Mitch Cohen's story

I am Mitch Cohen, age 51, of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, in good health except for this little surprise...

When I could not hear the telephone dial tone in my left ear, I went to my GP Dr. Anderson in Mt. Pleasant. He gave me some strong antibiotics which did not work. I was then referred to ENT Dr. Hoy, also in Mt. Pleasant. Hearing tests were given and an MRI ordered. I was diagnosed with a large AN, 2.5-3cm.

On June 15 Dr. Hoy told me about this AN that was in my left ear. I had no idea what an AN was. Anyway he practically insisted I see Dr. Pete Weber (ENT surgeon) and Dr. Patel (neurosurgeon) at the Medical University of SC (MUSC) in Charleston. MUSC is just 15 minutes away from Mt. Pleasant and has the staff and expertise to deal with this "rare" problem.

I learned the TEAM has done about 300 ANs in the six years they have been together. They told me they operated with the latest microsurgical equipment - a 6 million dollar operating room! Dr. Weber explained the MRI in detail and gave me all possibilities, including the other alternatives to microsurgery.

I had tremendous confidence in their abilities and I made the wretching decison to have the operation. On July 6, 1999 I had my first ever operation. I was scared. MUSC staff was great in alleviating my fears.

At the end I was told the 7 1/2 hour operation was successful. No facial nerve problem since they monitor that during the operartion. Also no facial weakness. No dripping spinal fluid. I was in the hospital for just 3 days, with NO COMPLICATIONS!  I have had headaches and some dizziness which seem to be going away. I am writing this during my recovery at home - just 10 days after the operation.

I just cannot overemphasize the TEAM at MUSC and Drs. Weber and Pattel - and the others at
MUSC. What pros they are! I am truly blessed to be living where I am...  And by the way they are Blue Cross/Blue Shield endorsed doctors.

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Mitch Cohen  <SCADMIN AT>
July 1999

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