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I had been wait-and-watching since the diagnosis of my small AN in March 1999.

Then, I had my annual scan February this year which was nearly the three year anniversary of the discovery of my AN. Although it was still small, it had more than doubled in size and was continuing to grow, but I was still very fortunate not to have any serious symptoms. We decided it was time and I had Gamma Knife treatment at the Cromwell Hospital in London in late March 2002.

I had plenty of time to think about the options and I am really pleased I waited and didn't jump to a choice of treatment early on. I chose Gamma Knife for a number of reasons: the historical data, evolution of the technique, the accuracy and the relatively low dose I received. The main objective was to try to save my still very normal hearing before anything started happening, even though there are obvious risks.

I must say I thought the Team at the Cromwell was fantastic. I didn't have a problem with the head frame, which seemed preferable to having surgery! Clearly I will have to wait quite a while before seeing a result and I will keep you posted.

I am always very happy to exchange emails etc.

Peter Jackson <jackson.miltonhouse AT>

May 2002

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