Robbie and the team
at the New England Gamma Knife Center, Rhode Island Hospital

robbie-gkteam.jpg (41608 bytes)

Gamma Knife Team & Robbie: Bev, Colleen, Dr. Noren, Zhen

robbie-hall.jpg (31948 bytes)

Waiting in the hallway with the headframe in place

robbie-globe.jpg (37657 bytes)

Globe to measure my head

robbie-mri.jpg (46186 bytes)

Head frame bracket for the MRI

robbie-cat.jpg (36224 bytes)

Head frame bracket for CAT scan

robbie-helmet.jpg (32469 bytes)

Ready to be locked into Collinator helmet

robbie-go.jpg (45462 bytes)

Ready to go into the Gamma Knife

Last Edited: Friday, November 01, 2002