Delighted with the Results
Rosalie's Story

I had the Gamma Knife procedure for a 1 cm. acoustic in October of 1994, in Denver. I am delighted with the results and grateful to have discovered this procedure as a non-invasive option instead of conventional cranial surgery. I would not have investigated radiosurgery had I relied upon what the conventional neurosurgeons told me. I found out about this procedure almost by accident, and did a great deal of research on my own before making a decision. I am delighted that I was able to make this choice.

I urge that anyone with an AN investigate stereotactic radiosurgery as an option before agreeing to invasive cranial surgery. Through my investigation, I realized that in order to get accurate information about these radiation techniques, it is important to go directly to a doctor who is trained in the methods and does the procedure. Second hand information, from physicians who do not do the procedure, may not give the patient accurate or complete information. I get upset because physicians often seem to mislead and misrepresent this treatment as a viable option and prevent the patient from giving it the serious consideration that it deserves for some cases.

Being a patient is not only confusing but scary as well. I am available to anyone for a patient perspective on the Gamma Knife targeted radiation procedure. I would be happy to share my experiences and investigation with others, and to correspond with anyone interested in this as a possible alternative to cranial surgery. It may not be appropriate or possible in every case but for many folks it is a intelligently selected alternative that yields a wonderful result.

Rosalie Goldman <rtg AT>
Englewood, CO USA
May 20, 1998

Last Edited: Friday, November 01, 2002