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My name is Gianni Patrito.  I was facing an AN experience and thanks to your Archive I was able to read enough about this problem.  I felt very lost when I discovered it but [yours] and the other internet sites helped me to decide what is the most suitable choice... Here is my story:

I was working as maitre'd on board a cruise ship when last February I discovered hearing loss in my left ear.  I had an MRI in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, and I discovered an Acoustic Neuroma sized 1 1/2 cm.  I was really scared and I decided to return to Italy.  I visited different neurosurgeons there but all the information I received was to take it out.

Thanks to the patient directory I could read and decide what was the best solution for me. After a waiting period of about 2 months I had my AN treated with GK in Verona, at the Ospedale Maggiore Borgo Trento, on the 7 June 2000.  The medical team was really efficent and professional. Prof. Gerosa, Dr. Nicolato and Dr. Ferraresi made me feel safe and in good hands.

I will need a new MRI in November.  I will keep this story updated and I would be available for any questions or anybody that needs help. Once again, many thanks for the great help I had from all of you. Ciao!!

Gianni Patrito, Italy <m.giann AT>
June 2000


(12/00) I had new MRI the 24 November 2000 and the result was very positive tumor shrunk of 3 mm.  Next MRI in 1 year. During this period I did'nt have any problems.

(11/00) I had MRI last 24 October 2001 and the tumor has decreased 2mm more. But the most important thing is that I have regained most of my hearing. My next MRI will be in two or three years.

To Gianni's entry in the Patient Directory

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