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This is a partial listing.  To add information about any other location, please write to us.

GK sites world-wide

GK machine manufacturer Elekta maintains lists of all the GK sites world-wide, with telephone numbers (but no addresses).  From their homepage (http://www.elekta.com), please select Patient Info, then Treatment Centers.

IRSA also has a directory of many GK sites world-wide, with addresses.   It can be found at http://www.irsa.org/tindex.html (click on the left to choose a location outside of the USA).

Cyberknife sites world-wide

CYBERKNIFE is available in USA as well as in Europe (there is one in Italy). Try the web site http://www.accuray.com  for the list of site locations world-wide. Here is out write-up about it.

Radiosurgeons Internationally


The most experienced AN radiosurgeon in Australia is Dr. Robert Smee, at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. The treatment consists of 15 fractions with a total dose of 40 Gray. This is a slightly smaller dose of radiation than previously, but they are still claiming a 96% kill rate on the neuromas, with less than 2% facial nerve damage, less than 2% trigeminal nerve damage and 1% of other possible damage. The machine used is a Siemens, fitted with a Radionics micro multi leaf collimator and set up to use IMRT. See  http://www.radionics.com/company/pr/021501_imrt.shtml. They treat patients with large tumors (over 3 cm) as well.

There is also FSR at a private hospital in Brisbane. They are relatively new, and have treated very few patients, mainly because few patents know about alternatives to surgery. The ones treated have been a success.

Sir Charles Gardener Hospital in Western Australia also performs FSR; the oncologist is Dr. Chris Harper.

Also, there are two sites in Melbourne offering FSR:


David Noble BSc
BLS Cancer Information Centre Leader
600 W 10th Ave
Vancouver BC Canada V5Z 4E6

Tel: 604 877-6098 local 2690
Fax: 604 872-4596
Email: dnoble@bccancer.bc.ca


Roentgenova c. 2
Czech Republic
42 2 529 2790
42 2 5721 0866


There are two facilities offering FSR: The Royal Marsden Hospital in London and Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.  London was the first to offer FSR.  Edinburgh has been treating AN patients since September 1998, using a LINAC machine and a relocatable headframe, with 6 treatments over 2 weeks.  The hospital's AN patients are commonly referred both to a neurosurgeon and a radiation oncologist, for a joint consultation - a rare occurrence elsewhere! A patient's account of FSR at Edinburgh can be found in the features section of BANA's Headline News Online.

Cromwell Hospital in London has a new Gamma Knife treatment centre, directed by Christer Lindquist, formerly of Karolinska Institute in Sweden (we are told that he has 20 years experience of GK and is one of the top men in the world in this field). The centre now has 10 consultant neurosurgeons and oncologists treating at the unit. The center's general enquiry number is +44 (0) 20 7460 5935. They are happy for prospective patients to send in their MRIs for assessment; this service is free of charge. There is no waiting list (yet). We also heard that they are very efficient, helpful and polite when contacted. They also have a new open MRI machine, which is good news for claustrophobics. Their website is www.gammaknife.co.uk and can be e-mailed on info@gammaknife.co.uk

London is also home to the London Radiosurgical Centre, opened in 1999 (just after the Cromwell). It is affiliated with St. Bartholomew's and The Royal London Hospitals; it is also the sister unit to the San Diego Gamma Knife Centre (SDGKC).   Their staff includes 5 treating Neurosurgeons, 3 Clinical oncologists and a Neuroradiologist. Dr. Nick Plowman, who has been on the staff from the beginning, is a neurosurgeon who has been working with radiosurgery (including the LINAC) for over 10 years.  Another neurosurgeon, Dr. Hamid Huneidi, currently visited the SDGKC for advanced training for GK; he is particulary interested in AN and skull based.

There is also a Gamma Knife in Sheffield at Royal Hallamshire Hospital:

Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Glossap Rd.
Sheffield, S10 23F

Below is a table of all UK practitioners offering FSR, compiled in the fall of 2000 by an AN patient, Paul Butterfield.  All of these locations have started doing it only recently; please compare the protocols carefully to see what dose they offer over how many treatments.

Medical Centre


Mr John Burton
Western General Hospital
Edinburgh EH4 2XU
John Burton phoned me up personally, to describe their treatment, and answer any questions.  They are using LINAC (3K rads for all AN sizes) and treating 2 patients per month (50 treated since Dec 1995)
Dr Michael Brada
The Royal Marsden
Fulham Road
London SW3 6JJ
Treated 8 AN’s to date.
Dr Michael Sokal
Nottingham City Hospital
Nottingham NG5
No information made available.
Dr Christopher Collis
Royal Free Hospital
London NW3 2QG
Besides Gamma Knife, they offer stereotactic multi-arc radiotherapy (LINAC FSR), where the current standard protocol is 25 sessions.  They have treated AN’s  with above approach since 1994. They treat only about 5 patients a year, and in all have treated 33 patients to date. None of them have needed surgery afterwards.
Dr Nick Plowman
St Bartholomew’s Hospital
They use Gamma Knife, for irregularly shaped tumours   and X knife with more spherical tumours.


Centre Hospitaller
Universitaire La Timone
264 rue Saint Piere
Marsieille Cedex 5


Tages Klinik Nord
Ingolstadter Str.
Munich, D-80939


Dr. Michael Torrens, Neurosurgeon
Neurosurgery Clinic, Hygeia Hospital
15123 Marousi, Athens, Greece. 
Tel: +30 210 6867107
Fax: +30 210 6801655
E-mail: m.torrens@hygeia.gr

Here is a note to us from Dr. Michael Torrens: "I would like to inform your excellently produced website that the currently most effective treatment for (smaller) acoustic neuromas, Gamma Knife (single or fractionated), will now be available from Greece. As a neurosurgeon with 27 years experience of acoustic neuroma microsurgery I recognize that radiosurgery is better." 


Canossa Hospital
1 Old Peak Rd.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong


The only Gamma Knife center in India doing dedicated Radiosurgery work. "Of all centers only me and my associate Dr. J. Misra are trained though an advance Gamma Knife surgery fellowship lasting for 1 year in Japan and USA. Personally I have experience of treating more than 900 Gamma knife patients including 500 during my training in Japan. I am one of the adviser in IRSA and I continue to get international patients from this region and US based Indian citizens."

Dr. Maheep Singh Gaur M.S., M.Ch.
Head, Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
Rancan Gamma Knife Centre, Vimhans
New Delhi, India
Tel.: +91-11-6314359, +91-9810072078
Fax: +91-11-6314379

address: P.D. Hinduja National Hospital , Veer Savakar Marg, Mumbai, 400016
tel. 91-22-4451515 or 91-22-4449151

ISRAEL (LINAC, minimultileaf collimator, FSR)

Dr. Roberto Spiegelmann, Director, Stereotactic Neurosurgery and Radiosurgery Unit, The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer Israel 52621.  Dr. Spiegelmann has been offering radiosurgery for years, and as of January, 1999, he also offers FSR.  His email is spiegel@sheba.health.gov.il ;  his telephone numbers are:

+972 3-530-2486 hospital
+972 3-534-5070 private clinic
+972 3-530-2650 secretary
+972 3-535-4413 fax

More information about Tel HaShomer's facility can be found here.


Ospedale Centro Traumatologico
Via S Nemesco 21

Centro Ospedaliero Borgo Trento
Universitida di Verona
u.s.l. 25

Ospedale San Raffale
Via Olgettina 60


University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-Ku
Tokyo, 113

Nakamura Hospital
Brain Research Institute
South 1,west 14, Chuo-ku

Shin-Suma Hospital Gamma Knife Center
Kobe University Hospital
Kobe 654


Drs. Otto Meijer and his team at the Vrije Universiteit Hospital in Amsterdam have been doing AN radiology treatments for a number of years. They offer the FSR treatment with 5 fractions, using LINAC with a dental mold for repeat positioning. If the patient does not have enough teeth, a single fraction method  is used.


A LINAC-based unit using X-knife software.  They offer SRS and FSR for AN (and other indications). Contact:

Dr. Shaun Costello
Stereotactic Radio-Surgery Unit
Dunedin Hospital
201 Great King Street
Dunedin, New Zealand

Tel: +6434740999
Fax: +6434747656
e-mail: shaunc@healthotago.co.nz


Dr. Prem Pillay  MBBS, FRCS(C), FACS
Consulant Neurosurgeon at Mt. Elizabeth and Gleneagles Hospitals and the Singapore Gamma Knife Center; offers both Gamma Knife and LINAC radiosurgery.  He carries out both SRT (fractionated) and radiosurgery (single session) treatments, depending on the patient. E-mail: neuro@pacific.net.sg

Singapore is a regional center for medical care and the Gamma Center is open for treatment to anybody from anywhere in the world.  The cost to visitors is $17,000 Singapore dollars, exchange rate is approx. $2.80 to the pound. The Gamma Center may be partially financed by government and private companies.

Singapore Gamma Knife Centre
20 College Road
Singapore 169856
Tel: (65) 3265948 / 3265905
Fax: (65) 3265910
Email: sgkc@gammaknife.com.sg

SOUTH AFRICA (radiosurgery)

Dr. Roger Melvill

"please feel free to contact me directly and I shall be able to give you all the information you need. I am involved with both the proton therapy unit as well as LINAC radiosurgery. The cost of this attention in South Africa is probably a fraction of what it would cost in the USA or Sweden."

212 Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic
Burnham Road
7800 Plumstead
South Africa

Tel: +27 (21) 7974330 / 726282 (h)
Fax: +27 (21) 7622750
email:  melvillr@iafrica.com 
Web Site:

Also, Dr. Vernimmen does radiosurgery on ANs, even fractionated, at the NAC = National Acceleration Center in Faure near Stellenbosch.


The URL of the neuroradiology Dept. of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden is: http://www.ki.se/cns/Neurortg/nrtg.html The Karolinska institute is where Dr. Leskell and his team developed the first Gamma Knife machine. GK has been around a long time over there! You'd be amazed what they treat with it... Oh don't worry - most of the site is in English.....


Centre Gamma Knife Zurich
Clinique Im Park
Seestrasse 220
8027 Zürich
Téléphone: +41-1-209 21 44
Fax: +41-1-201 51 66
e-mail: gkzimpark@access.ch


Radiation Oncology
Johns Hopkins
401 North Broadway, Suite 1440
Baltimore, MD 21231-2410

Phone: 410-614-2597
Fax: 410-502-1419
URL: http://www.med.jhu.edu/radiosurgery

Contact address:
Dr. Martin Fuss, M.D.
Assistant Professor, UTHSCSA/Dept. of Radiation Oncology
7703 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229
phone: 210-616-5648, fax: 210-949-5085

Thomas Jefferson Department of Neurosurgery
909 Walnut Street Third Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107
Phone number (for new patient information and appointments): 215-955-7000
URL of the Jefferson Neurosurgery Department: http://jeffline.tju.edu/neuros

Dr. Gil Lederman, MD
475 Seaview Ave, Staten Island, New York10305
: 800.285.4584, 718.226.8862
URL: http://www.siuh.edu/radoncology

SIUH claims to have pioneered the hypofractionation approach (using 4-5 fractions for ANs rather than 25-30 like for cancer treatments), and to have the largest experience worldwide using fractionation for acoustic neuromas. Here is an interview with Dr. Gil Lederman, exclusive for the AN Patient Archive.

As of 10/02, over 500 AN patients have been treated by FSR at SIUH.  For inquiring AN patients, they have a package of information, a free video tape, lists of patients describing their experiences.  A patient information form is available on the SIUH site, to print out and send in along with MRI's and other test results, for a free phone consultation with Dr. Lederman. Dr. Lederman also hosts "Brain Tumor Updates" at SIUH, a free informational sessions for the general public. Reported to be "absolutely fascinating".

Dennis C. Shrieve, MD, PhD
Chair, Department Of Radiation Oncology
co-Director, Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program
University of Utah Health Science Center
Salt Lake City, UT 84103


GK machine manufacturer Elekta maintains lists of all the GK sites in the USA, with telephone numbers (but no addresses).  From their homepage (http://www.elekta.com), please select Patient Info, then Treatment Centers, then Sites in North America.  Here are some sites for which we have additional information:

Department of Neurological Surgery
UPMC Presbyterian
200 Lothrop Street/Suite B-400
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Tel: (412) 647-7931
Fax: (412) 647-0989


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